Monday, July 13, 2015

Her Pictures--By Jack Horne--England

Her Pictures

She sits upon a chair, a rug around her knees
and smiles at strangers entering her little room,
they ask before they polish stuff, she answers, 'Please'
and nods as they admire her daffodils in bloom.

One cleaner mops the floor, another dusts a shelf
and flicks the duster over faded photographs,
he glances at a pretty lady, says, 'Yourself?'
She nods. 'You haven't changed,' he lies. She laughs.

The cleaners' work is done, she thanks them with a grin.
Alone: her room is clean and the grave,
she presses 'play' and hums along with Vera Lynne,
and views her sailor's picture: Clarence was so brave.

Her life in black and white: a bride, a mother, widow, gran.
She sighs and tells the pictures: 'Yes I'm still the same: just Anne.'

Jack Horne enjoys reading and writing poetry.


  1. Wow, Jack my friend, you are still one of the finest poets of our time. I always enjoy reading your works. You have written a magnificent piece here. Thank you for sharing this one with us. Great work,


  2. This is a wonderful piece, wow, congratulations and thanks so much for sharing this lovely work of art.

  3. Hi Jack. It is good to see more of your wonderful poetry here at Whispers. I enjoyed "Her Pictures." Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  4. Jack, A lovely poem that persuades the nostalgic heart to bleed just a bit with empathy. I so enjoyed the light you shined on our elderly, myself included. You are a great talent my friend! Aloha, Connie

  5. This poem is beautiful and touching, Jack! Reminds me of my mum; she took life in her stride and lived the last years serenely. All the best. // paul

  6. Dear Jack,

    Ah, my friend, you are such a gifted story teller, A wonderful poem you have written here that one line really got to me; "Alone: her room is clean and the grave,". You can't help but feel for this lady. Well done, my friend!

    Love always,

  7. Jack,
    Your serious poetry is just as good as your humorous ones. My grandmother lost a lot of her brothers to the war (WWII), so I'm sure she was a lot like the lady in your poem, staring at a picture of them, saying, "so brave". Great work!
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  8. Thanks so much for your kind comments : )

  9. Jack, I loved this nostalgic piece. Your magnificent talent always rings through each piece you write. Thank you for sharing your talent in this well written poem.