Thursday, July 23, 2015

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Wale Owoade--Nigeria and Laura M. Kaminski--United States

After a Generation

By Wale Owoade and Laura M. Kaminski

After a generation of listening
to wind tapping out its words
in softened Morse upon leaves,
this tree is ready, trained
sufficiently in silence, practiced.

After a generation of listening
to silence that doesn’t flinch
to fading lyrics of furnace ghosts,
this street is cold, washed
the way gone bodies are.

After a generation of fading heat
this cold street still listens,
waits for the first of the wilderness
to return, the first refugee reclaimed
the voice of the first bird.

After a generation of fading calls
the first bird returned to the tree
rhythms recalled the lyrics of a blue song
the ghosts forgot to hug friends
the first bird preached a dream.


  1. Hello Wale and Laura. It was a delight reading and enjoying your collaboration. This is a well-written and artistic beauty that I'm sure many will enjoy. Thank you both for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  2. Dear Wale and Laura,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem for Whispers. This is a artistic and seamless collaboration. Welcome to our online journal Wale! I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Best wishes to both of you.


  3. Thank you Maurice, Maureen, and Karen -- this is our first collaborative poem together, and I hope we'll have the opportunity for many more. -- Laura M Kaminski

    1. Wonderful debut Laura and Wale! Again, congratulations!


  4. Beautiful poem Laura and Wale! Welcome to Wale, and gratitude to Laura for bring Wale to Whispers! I'm gonna go look/listen for the first bird....

    1. Michael! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! And if you hear that first bird, do let us know...we are, frankly, in need of hope at home. - Laura

  5. This is such an inspirational write! I surely loved reading this delightfully magnificent poem here this evening. You both have presented such wonderful words. What an awesome piece, great work,


  6. Thank you everyone for reading and making beautiful comments. Karen, thank you for publishing this piece, I hope to make here my home too.

    Wale Owoade.

  7. Dear Wale,

    I hope you will be submitting a poem and bio soon. It would be good to have more of your poetry to share with our readers. Best wishes to you.


  8. Wale and Laura,
    I love the way you start each stanza with "after a generation" and get all creative after that... Great poem! Welcome to Whispers, Wale!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  9. Thank you, each and every one, for reading and commenting. Deeply appreciated. I love the sense of community here at Whispers! - Laura

  10. Thank you, James Chavula, for the following--

    It's great work with its imagery where it belongs: the rich place

  11. Hey... Sometimes I hate it when I simply have to say 'Fine poem' but what does one say over here? Wale and Laura, this really is lovely. A big welcome Wale... Hmmm, we are waiting to see more of your magic which the other platforms keep revealing.

    Laura, thanks for bringing him :)

    I hope to read more. Cheers!

  12. Welcome to Whispers Wale and this is a magnificent collaboration with Laura. I truly enjoyed the write and look forward to more of your collaborations.

  13. A beautiful poem and a wonderful collaboration! :)