Thursday, July 9, 2015

I have to push deep...--By Allison Grayhurst--Canada

I have to push deep,

pray deeply, as the ground
ripples and opens wide.
This last year’s consciousness will be pulled from my mind
as a searing light radiates through, knowing me,
showing me the road released.
Glory will come and free me of this bile,
changed at last - like a larvae into a ladybug,
like a tadpole into a tiny toad - nothing can turn me back.
I am listening. I have built myself a new main floor.
I am ready to plunge naked into this pool,
to know myself at the moment of creation.
My throat will be dry of speaking,
but I will not stop speaking -
                                            It is all God.

Allison Grayhurst is a member of the League of Canadian Poets. She has over 600 poems published in more than 300 international journals. She has eleven published books of poetry, seven collections, seven chapbooks and a chapbook pending publication. She lives in Toronto with her family. She also sculpts, working with clay. See more or her poetry and her artwork at


  1. This was written from a good place, Allison ~ Your Heart.

  2. Dear Allison,

    I agree with Michael. It's good to see you already have one comment on your inspirational poem. Welcome to Whispers! I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors.


  3. You have delighted me by such an inspirational poem. I truly enjoyed reading this amazing piece this evening. What a grandiose write, great work,


  4. Hello Allison and welcome to Whispers! I have really enjoyed your poem, "I have to push deep." The spiritual tone of it is uplifting and it is well-written. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  5. Allison,
    You sure give credit to the right person. He is behind all things nature. Welcome to Whispers!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox