Wednesday, October 7, 2015

An Autumn Night--By John W. (Bill) Williams--United States

An Autumn Night

On an autumn night, as I sat
beside a slow moving stream
I sensed the quickening steps
of autumn claiming once again
its place along summer trails.
In the gathering dusk,
I admired the soft diffusion
of colors melting into leaves.
The big September moon
and the stars fiery glow
deepened my admiration
for this glorious display
stretching endlessly across
God’s universe: an artistry
of flames against the dark.
How gratifying to hold for a little
while this beauty; and, how blessed
to be a part of autumn’s smells
and sounds, remembering the past,
when I was just a child.

John W. (Bill) Williams is a retired language arts and children’s literature educator.  He lives in Martin, GA, where he stays busy with his art and poetry.  He has been published in a variety of venues.


  1. Nice work, John. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  2. A beautiful poem John...God's finest handiwork is evident in autumn. Thanks for sharing your writing, it's a blessing! Good wishes, Chris~

  3. John, what a lovely picturesque write. I enjoyed the scenario. Autumn sure does tend to draw us to paint word pictures doesn't it. Thank you for sharing your talent

  4. I love it when Mother Nature can return our childhood to us in such a beautiful way. Your poem serenaded the senses John. Lovely! Blessings, Connie

  5. Dear Poetry Friends,

    It is wonderful to see your ongoing support of John's poetry. He is a talented writer. I will send his comments to him.