Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Around this Fire--By Laura M. Kaminski--United States

Around this Fire

"It's a rare privilege for commoners to dine with Kings
and Queen on this royal table of poetry." - comment from
Melchizedek, son of Michael

Melchizedek, we all sit around this same fire of poetry,
and in the dark there is no way to tell who's commoner,
who's king. But when a voice on this dark night cries
out for tatsuniyoyi, it then becomes incumbent upon
whoever has a story to stand up and convey it, whoever
has a drum or flute must play it, whoever has a poem
must stand up and recite it best they can, with sincere
appreciation for all the silent listeners, for each
one that stays awake, attentive to the end, for every
young one who finds within a lesson, for those elders
who nod wisdom, for each child that leaps up to dance.

Laura M. Kaminski grew up in northern Nigeria, went to school in New Orleans, and currently lives in rural Missouri. She is an Associate Editor at Right Hand Pointing, and writes poetry in both English and Hausa. "Around this Fire" is part of her forthcoming poetry collection Dance Here (Origami Books, an imprint of Parrésia Publishers Ltd in Lagos, Nigeria); tatsuniyoyi means "stories" in Hausa


  1. It's rare a privilege for us to read such a poem that praises them who convey his/her story, be a King or a common, them who are composing the dance of the words. The author, Laura Kaminski, is a Master of such dance.

  2. Edilson, thank you for such a lovely comment! Hope you are doing well! - warmest regards, Laura

  3. This is beautiful, it conveys the rhythm of dancing steps. It is from Aunty Halima!

  4. It's a rare privilege to inspire my inspiration. Such commoner in me has since worn royal dancing shoes and sits by this fire. I'll speak, yeah, I'll speak, let who has an ear, hear. If I err, let he who knows better not spare the rod and spoil me child. But I'll speak, commoners and kings. - Melchizedek, son of Michael

    1. Keep on, Melchizedek, son of Michael! We must each bring our best to the circle -- and may our "best" continue to improve, and be of greater value to those who take the time to read our words. - Laura

  5. Sitting around this fire, watching the flames and shadows dance , is not a common privilege...it belongs to those who live emotions and find inspiration in words...and who have the honour to give and share.

  6. Whoever has a song must sing it, whoever has a leg must dance here, around this fire. Thank you for another beautiful offering, Laura.

    1. Thank YOU for reading, Wale!

  7. This is incredible! I surely enjoyed reading this wonderful poem this morning. You have delighted me by your gorgeous piece. Great work,


  8. Nicely done, Laura. I love the biblical overtone. Thanks for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)