Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Respite--By Mary Jo Balistreri--United States


is to walk along the sawdust trails
forest’s sun-filtered walls  fallen birch logs,
and the fresh smell of evergreen
    Where cotton trees seed a needled floor
and downy white tufts become a plush carpet
to soften a shoe’s tread
    Where listening to wind
blow through cedars and pines is like water
lapping on a far shore

And there to rest on glacier stone  to watch trilliums
    commingle with oaks  lady slippers
display their yellow shoes unaware that time
has disappeared.
    Where a hermit thrush threads
songs of praise among the trees its melodic
range weaving a loop of garland over draped branches
    To discover that breath is peace and nature
makes sense of our lives when we most need it

Mary Jo Balistreri has two books of poetry published by Bellowing Ark Press and a chapbook by Tiger's Eye Press. She has more recently been enjoying learning and writing haiku type poems. She finds it helps her see differently and experience life in a new way. For more information, please visit her at


  1. I loved your piece Mary Jo, thanks for sharing!

  2. You have written a magnificent write! I definitely enjoyed reading your glorious poem this morning. What a fabulous piece, Great work,


  3. Thanks to both of you. And to dear Karen. I'm grateful.

    1. Dear Mary,

      Welcome to Whispers! It is so good to have you a part of our poetry community. I hope you enjoy your time spent here.


  4. Welcome to Whispers, Mary Jo. Welcome to Whispers and thank you for sharing this wonderful, well-written poem. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  5. I'm just enjoying myself this rather bleak Wednesday, and have been writing on various sites, and then thought to look here at mine--So many thank yous to everyone. I'm most grateful.

    1. Jo, one of your lines "where listening to wind blow through cedars and pines is like water lapping on a far shore" reminds me of Yeats' The Lake Isle of Innisfree.

      Beautiful piece.

      Michael Escoubas

    2. Michael,
      Thank you for revisiting my poem. I appreciate your comment, your affirmation.