Thursday, October 1, 2015

dream streets--By jani johe webster--(In Memory-May 2013)--United States

jani johe shared her unique style and insight which left readers in awe.  But more importantly, she was a bright light in the writing community, always ready to support others in their journeys.  I am glad to have been able to call her my friend.  Her words live on in various publications, continuing to be a gift to the world.                                                                                           Sincerely, Karen O’Leary--Editor

dream streets

i am walking
dream streets
seeing hope
    at every corner
walking into
    this land of wonder
where there is no time
and imagination comes to welcome me
to the land of glimmering crystal stars
    and moonbeams that laugh and smile
    illuminating the magical path

This poem was recently published in Where the Poems Dance, a collection of her poetry and photography by Suzanne Webb.  It includes an introduction by her daughter, Nila Webster, and reflection questions about the poems to stimulate the imagination of the reader.


  1. lovely image of hope. Thanks for sharing this

    1. Thank you, Maureen, for your kindness. Nothing would make my Mother, who wrote this poem, happier than to know this resonates still, beyond time. She truly did see "hope at every corner." She would love your poetry, just as she would love Whispers and the entire community. I feel from her vantage point in Heaven, she sees and rejoices. Thank you again.

    2. I enjoyed reading this one today..I am glad that I chose it as one of the works that I could enjoy..Sara

  2. Life does have a dreamy quality at times. This poem is quite evocative.

  3. Nila,
    Your mother has such great talent and it shows in this poem. Thanks for sharing it through Whispers.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  4. I'm glad to say that are magic words that evoke pure poetic feelings born from so rare a soul. Beautiful verses.

  5. jani's imagination comes to welcome me, too, requiescat in pace, jani

  6. Nila, I am always taken in by warmth and thanksgiving when you share your beloved mom's poetry. "dream streets" continue to speak to jani's gifts and heart. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!


  7. I really enjoyed your piece, thanks for sharing!