Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Autumn`s Journey--By Yvonne Sparkes--England

Autumn`s Journey

Hints of gold and glints of fire,
Super moons with hearts desire,
Shadows clinging, misty clouds,
Wet long grass with soggy shrouds.

Leaves that dangle from the trees,
Bright filled mornings, autumn breeze,
Birds that chatter, fill their beaks,
"Winter`s coming in some weeks".

Nature`s finished all she`s planned,
To her story, vision grand.
In green she`s born, in gold she`ll die,
When Geese shall fly across her sky.

Her fire emits her light within,
The knowledge she`ll again begin,
But first to sleep, so she must rest,
To give her new born seeds the best.

Born on Feb. 27, 1940 in Barkingside, Essex, England, Yvonne Sparkes,  immigrated to New York in April, 1948 with her parents.  She now resides in Chelmsford, Essex and has two sons.  She has a book published by Cyberwit called Captured Images.  A writer for many years, Yvonne has been published in Israel, Germany, France, Australia, America, and Britain.  She has read her poetry in public at Church and Knockout Competitions. Her hobbies are travel, the arts, reading, hiking, taking her Scottish Terrier for walks, and spending time with family and friends.


  1. Wow, I really love this incredible write! This poem really inspired me, I just love the autumn and all its wonderful splendor. You poem reminded me of everything awesome about this time of the year. Great work,


  2. Dear Yvonne, I adore this breathtaking autumn poem. Your imagery fills all my senses with joy. This is my favorite season because of all the colorful trees that turn from green to a myriad of hues. Your poem sings in the autumn with a symphony of delightful notes. Brava! Blessings, Connie

  3. Yvonne,

    I absolutely love poems about autumn and this one is a dandy. Thank you for sharing it and continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)