Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Pearl Within--(In Memory with Love)--Beth Winchcombe--October 2, 2015--England

A Pearl Within

Treading through sand, bare footed.
Rock pools glistening,
I search for a pearl.
Is it somewhere in the oyster?
NO, it's a treasured pearl of friendship!
Far more precious - than any pearl -
within the shell of an oyster!

Treading the same sand with bare feet -
in the darkness of the night -
the stars shining bright.
The oyster cannot be seen in the rock pools -
BUT, it's there in the precious
treasure of friendship.
The pearl may be hidden from view,
BUT, it's there in my friendship with you!
A cultured pearl -
my cultured friend!

The Atlantic ocean waves crash against the shore,
before descending to the ocean once more!

Dear Whispers Family,

It is a pleasure to share another poem in tribute to Beth. Sadly, we said good-bye to her in October 2015.  Beth embraced the Whispers community, supporting and caring about others with her kind heart.  She was a blessing in my life.  Beth shared her gift of words for monthly activities, collaborative poems, individual poems, and uplifting comments for other writers. She was our September 2015 Poet of the Month, an honor she richly deserved. She touched my heart. Thank you, to her husband, Geoff, and Jack Horne for allowing me the honor of publishing this poem.      –Karen O’Leary, Editor


  1. And through her words, she lives on. A beautiful poem! Sincerely, Elaine

  2. She lives on with us. Thank you for for the beautiful poem in her memory. Rest in peace, Beth.


  3. Thank you for sharing her lovely poem with us. She was a talented lady who leaves behind much wisdom and insight in her poetic words. How lovely this poem is. Rest in Peace Beth. Mahalo, Connie

  4. thanks so much for 'keeping Beth's name out there', my friend x