Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sunrise Over the Sea--By Mary Jo Balistreri--United States

Sunrise Over the Sea

Embered over the eastern seaboard,
the sun takes the entire horizon as its hearth.
The hum of daybreak ignites, flames lick
away the dark, and the amorphous takes shape
in apricot, chalky blue and crimson pink.
Sand, sea and sky stretch for miles, throbbing
like the heartbeats of Rothko color bands.
A white Adirondack chair sits abandoned
in the bent and frozen grasses.

My friend turns to me and says,
Never again will life hold us
in the same way as it does today.

Mary Jo Balistreri has two books of poetry published by Bellowing Ark Press and a chapbook by Tiger's Eye Press. She has more recently been enjoying learning and writing haiku type poems. She finds it helps her see differently and experience life in a new way. For more information, please visit her at maryjobalistreripoet.com


  1. Karen,
    Thank you so much for posting my poem. It is always a pleasure to be here.

    1. Dear Mary Jo,

      It is a delight to share wonderful poetry from your gifted pen. Thank you for being the encouraging light that you are in the writing community.

      Blessings and best wishes,

  2. Words can be wonderful......you've given us a chance to see that sunrise again....

  3. This is a wonderful piece! I love everything about it, thanks so much for sharing it Jo!

  4. Jo, Your exquisite poem gives all of us a chance to really see as you see beauty and to know for you and your friend that time can never happen again. A beautiful scene and poem that you will always have. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for writing everyone. It is so gratifying hearing from you. Deeply grateful.

  6. Jo,
    Your poem puts us right there.
    Especially like, "flames lick away the dark."
    Every line is just the right fit to take us with you in your vision of an ocean sunrise.

  7. Lovely and delightful piece, Mary Jo. I love how it is full of imagery. Thank you for sharing it and continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)

  8. Mary Jo, this magnificent poem gave me chills. The scene you set with your outstanding imagery sets the tone of the poem and it takes flight! Blessings, Connie