Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Toxic--By Mary Ricketson--United States


Caution.  Poison ivy crawls
up straight and steady,
usurps the life of that old poplar tree,
obscures leaves once clear.

Orange jewelweed grows over there,
antidote to poison ivy itch.
Bring me potion to cure my ills,
compress my wounds.

I bleed easy these days.
Words cut like glass.
Cold winds of hate    
knock me to my knees.

Mary Ricketson is inspired by nature.  Her poetry is published in Wild Good Poetry Review, Future Cycle Press, Journal of Kentucky Studies, Lights in the Mountains, Echoes Across the Blue Ridge, and her books, I Hear the River Call My Name and Hanging Dog Creek.  She is a member of North Carolina Writers Network.


  1. Mary,
    Sad, but beautiful. Welcome to Whispers if you are new, a welcome from me even if you are not.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  2. Dear Mary,

    It is a joy to see your poem already has a comment from David. Welcome to Whispers! I hope you enjoy your time spent here. May you enjoy your writing journey!


  3. Deep and Thought evoking write. Thank you for sharing, Mary. Elaine

  4. Very nicely done, Mary. I enjoyed your poem. I also especially loved the last verses about "how words cut like glass." Very powerful. Welcome to Whispers and thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  5. Welcome to Whispers Mary. I love poems using personification and also metaphoric poems. This is a profound piece that I really enjoyed. Blessings, Connie