Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A requiem--By Angelee Deodhar--India

A requiem

The war’s over or has it just begun?
When will the widow-makers
the takers of sons         go home?

leave half bombed-out tombs
where the armored dead
burn in the sun

silent witnesses lie smoking
in trenched mine fields where
no poppies will ever grow

the war’s over or has it just begun?

and those brother’s keepers
ignoring those they’ve liberated
stalk victorious strut well-fed
while hungry children
sell themselves for a bun
when each home is rubble
when even ashes to dust
have returned
when, when will they be gone?

the war’s over or has it just begun?

Angelee Deodhar, is an eye surgeon turned haiku poet, translator, and artist from India.  She has translated six books of haiku from English to Hindi. She has no personal website or blog. "Hot on the heels of her 2014 release of a collection of poetic prose containing haiku, Deodhar celebrates having edited Journeys 2015, an Anthology of International Haibun, highlighting authors in 15 different countries." - David McMurray, Editor, Asahi Haikuist Network, Japan


  1. Thank you for accepting/posting this poem Karen ,a heartfelt cry against violence worldwide.May there be peace ,love and light,angelee

    1. Dear Angelee,

      It was a pleasure to publish your poem. I'm with you--the violence needs to end. I'm am praying for peace.


  2. I agree Angelee. Too much violence and worldwide. You call our attention as a poet to all of this. Thank you for posting.

  3. This moving and touching poem truly resonates with the poet's "heartfelt cry" depicting the horrors of war and its aftermath -"while hungry children sell themselves for a bun". Kudos and respects Poet Dr.Angelee Deodhar - your cry for peace needs to reach far and wide for the madeness to end... Love and Peace. Paddy

  4. Beautifully written depiction of the nature of war ... and the lack of humanity that follows it.
    Thank you Angelee

  5. This is a heart-touching poem on the ravages of war....Angelee has brought out the suffering, the anguish and the misery it brings in its wake...the last line is a masterly stroke to reflect on..."the war’s over or has it just begun?" May wars end and we all be blessed with Peace, Love & Light...

  6. The thoughtful poem's lines resonate closely with the pictures we have been seeing of the war-torn areas of Syria and Iraq.
    War begins, thrives and ends the minds of men.
    How can minds be changed ...?

  7. Poignant indeed ! Beautifully written

  8. very nice! And as they say, "Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel": The end of the game is the beginning.

  9. Powerful piece, thanks for sharing it.

  10. Nicely done, as always, Angelee. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  11. The more that pray for peace the more powerful our prayers become. Your poem was so moving and spotlights the sadness of the aftermath of war poignantly! Excellent! Blessings, Connie