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                                    Susan Kahil—Spain—New Country
                                    Keith Dodrill—England
                                    Julie Petersen—United States

Please welcome them to our community. We now have representatives from the following countries—Albania, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Canary Islands, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malawi, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, U.A.E., United Kingdom, United States, Wales and Zimbabwe. I look forward to expanding this list in the future. Thank you to everyone that has supported Whispers in any way.                                                                        --Sincerely, Karen

We have a worldwide audience. If you are currently reading Whispers, please consider submitting a poem for consideration for publication. Click on the bright blue “Submission Guidelines” on the right side of the main page for guidelines.  Email submissions to Karen at  Thank you.

Note--Ads due for the May column by April 25


Angelee Deodhar’s new book Journeys 2017, the third anthology of international haibun is now available on Amazon. Edited by Angelee Deodhar, it has a total of 133 haibun, the work of 29 poets of international repute. This is the link for ordering the anthology from

Richard Carl Subber’s first collection of poems, Writing Rainbows: Poems for Grown-Ups, is now available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats, free on Kindle Unlimited. The book offers 59 poems, in both free verse and haiku format, including nature poems, love poems, and poems about our loving relationships with kids and others in our lives.

Ken Allan Dronsfield's new book, "The Cellaring" is a collection of 80 poems from the dark side; the paranormal, haunting, horror, weird and wonderful one reviewer has noted, "A journey that startlingly grabs you with its first poem".

Robert Epstein and Miriam Wald have co-edited a poetry anthology titled, Every Chicken, Cow, Fish and Frog:  Animal Rights Haiku (Middle Island Press) available online at

Marc Livanos’ chapbook, Panhandle Poet – Second Helpings, follows the inspiration of the poems in Panhandle Poet – Solitude. It has 34 poems all of which have been published by college poetry journals, literary magazines and on-line journals. The books are available at   

Langley Shazor is now a columnist for The Loafer Magazine, a local arts and events publication.  His column, The Casual Word, features his poetry and other original works. It can be found at

Cindy M. Hutchings’ chapbook, Tree Talk, written to a tree, published by MoonPath Press, includes 42 poems paired with 42 unique and beautiful tree images. A poem and photo from the book are at:

John W. Williams has a new chapbook called A Cup of Warm Words for your enjoyment.  The book includes 82 poems on love, the art of living, nature, spiritual verse, and philosophy.  An autographed issue is available for $8 including postage and handling by contacting him at PO Box 326, Martin, GA 30557

Scott Thomas Outlar runs the site 17Numa where links to his published poetry, essays, and fiction can be found. The site also features a page devoted to literary publications which currently has nearly 150 venues listed. The blog’s page at 17Numa has links to the personal sites of other writers and artists, and has been designed with the hope that artists from all fields will check out and be inspired by the work of their contemporaries.

Paul Callus published his first ebook of poetry called Meander in December 2014. It is a collection of 86 poems and songs which should appeal to those who read poetry for pleasure and relaxation. It is available at Amazon.

Marianne Szlyk has released a new chapbook, Listening to Electric Cambodia Looking Up at Trees at Heaven, through Kind of a Hurricane Press' Barometric Pressures Authors Series. You may download the chapbook for free at this site: Thank you.

Karen O’Leary released Whispers, her first book of poetry in 2011, published by APF Publisher. It has been getting good reviews and is available at online at (Search Whispers under Karen O'Leary) or contact Karen at


Patricia Ann Farnsworth-SimpsonCan you please join me” with your submissions for Muse to Move, an anthology expressing and sharing words of love and life to inspire and reach out to others.  Please include a short bio with your submission, a photo is optional. Please send your submission to  The deadline is May 5.

Maurice J. Reynolds would like to share that Creative Inspirations, an email poetry publication, is accepting poetry submissions for publication. This publication offers an interview column, creative activities, information and advertisement, writer’s comments, good poetry, and more. Guidelines and subscription information for two first class postage stamps (To God be the Glory! Publications P.O. Box 19051 Kalamazoo, MI 49019). You can also go to: for more information.

Peggy Dugan French’s print publication, Shemom, is always looking for new writers.  Please send poems or haiku to for consideration. 

Marianne Szlyk is always looking for poems and flash fiction inspired by music, art, and nature for her blog-zine, The Song Is....  Any length is fine, and previously published poems are as well.  Just be sure that you have the rights to your poem.  Please send your work to .  For more information, see this link:

ayaz daryl nielsen's print publication bear creek haiku is always open for postal submissions, mail poetry to bear creek haiku, PO Box 596, Longmont, CO 80502, USA, 11 lines and less, include SASE. Can be contacted at, blog site is

David Fox, editor of The Poet's Art, is looking for family-friendly poems.  U.S. and foreign contributors can send as many poems that will fit on one page.  Send poems to: David Fox, 171 Silverleaf Lane, Islandia NY 11749 or contact him by email for any questions  I can only put out my print journal twice a year, $8 one issue, $22 for a 3 issue subscription. A high price to pay, I know, but am still mostly a not-for-profit magazine. I am keeping the price for $10 an issue for international subscribers.

Tom Davis, publisher of Old Mountain Press, invites all to review his eBook site (Kindle and NOOK) where numerous Old Mountain Press Anthologies of poetry and prose are listed see: Self-publish an electronic book e-book with Old Mountain Press. Visit Old Mountain Press' eBook site at 

Whispers is always looking for new writers to join our community.  Please send family friendly poems 20 lines or less  Complete guidelines posted at the end of each month.  Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to the site. 


  1. I would like to congratulate all the new submitters and the ones who have books out. I just got two new people sending inquiries from Whispers: Douglas S. Malan and Glenda Frazier.

  2. Dear David,

    It is great that your ad generated interest in The Poet's Art. I wish you the best always. Thank you for all you do to encourage and support others.