Thursday, April 13, 2017

Through the Lens of the Spitzer Space Telescope--By Valerie Macon--United States

Through the Lens of the Spitzer Space Telescope

we visit the outer court of God’s dwelling place,
a star-studded palate painted with His wide brush,
splashed with milky ways, sprinkled with galaxies,
spinning with planets, meteors and moons.
This is the corridor of angels who
go in and out from the presence of God,
the way of Elijah’s fiery chariot,
battleground of principalities and powers,
the place where angels hold back winds
for the day of destruction.
Could man, a molecule in cosmos,
change climate breathed by its Creator,
or poke a hole in ozone wrapped by God?
From His throne, eons above September-
blue sky and Spitzer’s field of vision,
He holds together the pinhead center
of a black hole and the quasar in a distant galaxy.
And He is able to fix the broken.

Valerie Macon lives in North Carolina, USA.  She enjoys growing food to feed the homeless and hungry, and started a garden for this purpose.  She shares her poetry in numerous venues. She has published three books of poetry, and donates profits from her book on homelessness,  sleeping Rough to the garden where all food is given away to the hungry.


  1. Dear Valerie,
    "Through the Lens of the Spitzer Space Telescope" is well
    written, and I agree with all it reveals. Puny man
    cannot break things beyond Gods repair.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Valerie,
    Really like the "turn" in the last line of your poem. Nice finish -- something this reader did not expect.
    Thank you,