Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pastoral Paradise--By--Allan Ball--England

Pastoral Paradise

In fields of verdant splendour
where nature sets the seen
alone in splendid isolation
thoughts turn into dreams

sunlight shimmers silently
blossoms swaying to and fro
seem to whisper to each other
whilst gentle breezes blow

lost inside a reverie
amidst a silken golden haze
ever changing meadowlands
solitudes sweet serenade

sublime scenic serenity
celebrating Eden's birth
a pastoral piece of paradise
recreated here on earth.

Allan Ball is retired, most of career was spent in the fiscal and financial world. He has several poems published in anthologies. He finds writing relaxing and enjoyable. He feels that the
written word allows our hearts to speak.


  1. Dear Karen . Thank you most kindly for accepting this poem to be
    Included in this month's submissions . It is a blessing for me
    to be a part of this delightful community , of outstanding Poets.
    Best Wishes . Allan .

  2. How gorgeously vivid and lifelike.. as if looking at a natural view.. great flow of words.. smartly employed alliterative language.. I would love to be there.. blessings dear poet🤗

    1. Hi ClytemnestraAa​ What a wonderful response. I am very pleased by your comments . Thank you my friend . Allan

  3. Dear Allan of England. thanks for sharing "Pastoral Paradise".
    Well done in detailed writing. I like it.

    1. Hello Yancy . I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment on this effort . Thank you my friend . Allan .

    2. You are welcome Allan, I am happy to know you and find
      value in your writing my dear Whispers friend.

  4. Dear Allan,
    Really like the images you feature in this poem. I'm thrilled with the robust response this poem is receiving.
    Thank you,

    1. Dear Michael . Thank you for your words of encouragement .
      I must say I am somewhat surprised , by the reaction this
      Poem has received . Such a genuine community . Best Wishes
      Allan .

    2. I can smell the grass and feel the sunlight. Wonderful scene.
      Thanks for sharing your talent on Whispers. Best, Suzanne

    3. Hi Pixordia . Thank you for your wonderful reaction .
      This poem relays the beautiful summertime scenery . Here
      in England . I'm so pleased you were able to sense the
      imagery , I was trying to display . Allan .

  5. Allan,
    Beautiful poem. I especially enjoyed the alliteration in the first line of the final stanza.
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

    1. Hi David . Thank you for your lovely response, I appreciate
      you taking the time to comment . I like to use alliteration
      whenever possible. I feel it makes the words flow easily .
      Best Wishes . Allan .