Thursday, April 20, 2017

Morsels--By Mary Ricketson--United States


Today my fear comes
in a covered dish
disguised with herbs and spices,
made palatable by bits of beef
braised in burgundy,
best features forward.

Starting to love this fear,
I name it Respect,
Sprinkle with safety, trust, and hope’
place the casserole in a slow oven.

Fine cuisine, seasoned and cured,
quiets less welcome morsels
of shame and humility.
Integrity rises, meringues the surface,
tempts taste buds past tradition.

As a therapist, Mary Ricketson works with people with all kinds of feelings.  She helps them integrate the wonderful and the painful to somehow make a life that works and thrives.  This poem reflects how Mary finds creative ways to help others.


  1. Dear Mary,
    First time I've experienced a fear you can love
    but it read as deisous, so was so tempting
    to try out. To me, great writing.

    1. Thanks. It's definitely a stretch to love the fear, and your comments are right on.... a daring way to get unstuck.

    2. I just read what I wrote to you Mary. I must have
      been tricked by spell check again, but I thought
      of slogan, fear what you love, love what you fear.

  2. Hello Mary,
    I'm moved by this unique poem as it opens up a kind heart that loves people.
    Thank you,

  3. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.