Friday, April 7, 2017

Life is for the Living--By Daniel Turner--United States

Life is for the Living

Today another angel got her wings
Promoted for a job well done on earth
Rejoice! In heaven, all the angels sing
His grace has filled her with angelic mirth

Though quickly earth reclaims the pyre's ash
How swift the ceaseless seasons of the sun
Grief fades and loneliness becomes the lash
A harsh reminder of that special one

But in our times of sad and dark despair
Our angel fans the dying flame of love
No longer suffering, her joy she shares
Reminding us she's waiting up above

This life is for the living, not the dead
Our day will come, when no more tears are shed

Daniel Turner is 60 years old and lives in Arkansas. He has been writing poetry for approximately 40 years. He loves animals and all things having to do with nature. Now retired, he has traveled over 3 million miles as a long-haul truck driver, worked in the oil fields of Texas and on the Mississippi River on a tow boat. He loves to read and watch old black and white movies.


  1. Good writing U.S. Citizen Daniel. I loved the ending.

  2. Hi Daniel . A most profound piece indeed . From the moment we are
    born, we have a limited amount of time until we meet our maker.
    It's how we behave in this period , that determines our destiny
    A realistic well written piece . Best Wishes . Allan .

  3. Dear Daniel,
    You've given the Whispers family a wonderful gift in this sonnet. Thank you, and nicely done.

  4. This reminds me to enjoy everyday of this life God gave me and to cherish family and friends. Thank you Daniel for this comforting poem.

  5. This is very beautiful Daniel. I adore angels and call on them for help often. Your poem is a lovely tribute! Blessings, Connie