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Dear Whispers’ Family,

The April writing activity has featured a two-pronged emphasis: writing about a specific theme: Springtime, as we sharpened our skills in the art of Rhyming Couplets. I expected a robust response to this fun activity and this was truly the case. Thank you to all who sent in poems. Let’s enjoy the happiness of the season wrapped in ribbons of poetry. Please join in the fun by clicking the “reply” button and commenting.

Michael Escoubas, Whispers’ Features Editor

On the Eve of Palm Sunday

Shoppers pause by the garden store –           
green-fingered incentives galore

By the plants, one woman gazes
then chooses white saxifrages

“The fragrance will evade his smell,
They’re for my husband’s grave, she tells.”     

Mary Gunn, Ireland

Spring Warning

All birdfeeders must now come down
Now that the bears have come around

They’re hungry, looking for a feed
They’ll flip the feeders, spill out seed

And make a mess of your new garden
And never ask you for a pardon.
Kelley J. White, United States

Walking Through Woods in Spring

Cool rainy Spring, firm harbinger for days
of heat and humidity ahead, stays
third place on my chart of pleasing seasons.
Hopelessness quickly sprouts two more reasons:
Ticks, sand fleas come out leaping and hopping.
Of their itchy bites, there be no stopping.

Barbara Robinette--United States


Little Bird!  Little Bird!
Have you heard not a word

It’s Absurd, Little Bird
Tom Cat stirred, Tom Cat purred

Not a word have you heard
Silly Bird!  Silly Bird! 

Elizabeth Howard, United States


Snow is on the crocus now.
It will not last. I wonder how

The flowers know it’s time to grow
And then to splash a splendid show

Of springtime beauty all around
while firmly anchored in the ground.

Mary O. Monical, United States

Spring Hunt

Vacant chair at the table, empty swing out back
no light at the windows everything's all black.

The house is locked and shuttered closed tighter than a drum
nothing but the mountain breeze, summer's yet to come.

Lantern by the kitchen door no longer can be found
Grandpa's gone a huntin' the echo of the hounds.

Barbara Tate, United States

Spring Invigorates

Compared to other seasons Spring is the king
Most adored; remains above all rating.   

Colorful in sky sweet smelling on earth
Caressing the body with subtle touch

Spring brings short changes in our lives
What is lost through other seasons it revives. 

Aju Mukhopadhyay, India

Spirals of Energy

Witch hazel you free spirit
shining yellow you're twilit.

Curving and curling
your branches whirling.

Bending your pliant limbs
divine me a dowse when the moon dims.

Pat Geyer, United States

Spring Fever

The scent of flowers as they come to bloom
Retreat the snow, the grey and gloom

Rays of sun, beam bright and warm
Bringing to life the buzz and swarm

With spirits now free, we sing a new tune
As we are thankful for this, this sunny afternoon

Langley Shazor, United States

Wild Roses of Spring

The wild roses bloom in the April sun,
But droop and fade when the spring is done.

When the spring is gone, they fade and die,
And no one knows the reason why,

Or why beauty's gone while it's still so young,
And why spring's song is so quickly sung.

Kathleen Murphy, United States

The Sweetness of Spring

Honey bees carefully carried in their home
beckoned by batons of wind they roam,

new spring flowers to see and savour
hair bells and bluebells, laden with nectar,

creatively combined in a busy hive
impatiently I wait for honey to arrive.

Annie Jenkin, England

Falling into Season

The sky above is the brightest blue
Mountains shine through with a sunlit hue

I feel the ripples of soft sweet air
My fingers touch grass naked and bare

Feeling the body not on the ground
I want to dance around and around

Isha Wagner, New Zealand


The many-hued flowers of spring, 
What delight to my soul they bring!

Flowers of the Kachnar* trees, 
Gift their fragrance to the breeze.

A time for rebirth and release -
Sing the butterflies and the bees.

Neena Singh, India

*Kachnar - Bauhinia Blakeana is an evergreen tree,  with large thick leaves and striking purplish red flowers. The fragrant, orchid-like flowers are usually 10-15 cm across, and bloom from early November to the end of March.

Birth of a Season

We all welcome the longer days
of Spring and her blossoming ways.

But her storms are filled with wonder,
lightning and abundant thunder.

These labor pains of creation
wreak havoc across the nation.

Candace Armstrong, United States

Spring Time

Wearing emerald skirts, here comes stunning spring.
Hark! You can almost hear the lovely bluebells ring!

Pretty pink blossom dresses the Sakura trees.
It will fall like confetti on the zephyr breeze.

Daffodils raise their sleepy heads in a blaze of gold.
Colourful crocuses and irises are a joy to behold.

Jan Allison, Isle of Man

Spring's Return

I've waited for this since the last autumn color
fled from our tree to become ground cover.

I longed for this through all the gray days
of short winter sun, feeling cold always.

Now green beginnings, warmth, colors abound,
birds fill my garden with bright chirping sounds.

Joan Leotta, United States

Seasonal Splendour

Amid a misty new day dawning
dewdrops settle on petals forming
Birdsong echoes in fields of green
newborn arrivals herald the scene
Colourful hues of seasonal splendour
filling my heart so graceful and tender.

Allan Ball, England

Joys of Springtime

The flowers that grow, the birds that sing,
I enjoy all that Springtime brings!

David Fox, United States


The daffs abundant in the ground
and lambs are gamboling around

to show that Spring is here at last—
hard winter days are in the past!

Jack Horne, England

Hello Beautiful World

The world is filled with flowers and trees
with green grass and honey bees.

Oh how I like the beautiful sky
when all the birds come flying by.

With tall trees and little squirrels;
Oh how I like this beautiful world.   
Glenda B. Frazier, United States

Evening Fade

The scent of lilacs wafts across the air
like rainbows fading to pastel flair.

With cloudy background splotched in darkest gray
the weeping willow brightens green to stay.

And frogs begin their moonlight serenade
as breezes ripple shadows to fade.

Diane Webster, United States

Le printemps

Before we see the burgeoned bloom,
it preens in Nature’s own Green Room.

Richard Carl Subber, United States

Spring Sprung

Warm sunny days, but a distant memory.
Like a prisoner held captive, I just want to be free.

Blossoming flowers, and budding trees.
Soft gentle rain, the birds and the bees.

These are the things, I’d love to see.
If Spring would only come, and rescue me.

David LaRue Alexander, United States 

First Signs of Spring

I woke to the tinkling of melting snow,
flowing from my roof to the ground below.

And a robin's chirp, in a nearby tree,
sounded like he was serenading me.

I opened my window to sniff the air,
and sure enough it smelled like spring out there.

Emile Pinet, Canada


People wearing calico short-sleeved shirts
The streets are embellished by bare-legged skirts

The amiable April sun does its ultimate best
And even my thoughts are airily dressed

Inge Wesdijk (Daginne Aignend) the Netherlands

A Calming Connection

An untouchable soul mate
A friend spiritual and intimate

A renewal and a release of stress
When the day`s discordance`s senseless

The body`s bushed and the mind`s whizzing
It takes the magic of a melody to get life soaring   

Ndaba Sibanda, Kuwait

Spring Flowers

At last the tiny buds have shown their heads
And catch the sun that warms the flower beds

The snow is gone, the grass is growing green.
A sense of new life permeates the scene.

They dance in wild abandon in the breeze
That teases them with random melodies.

Pam H. Murray, Canada

Odiferous Omen

My first clue we’re done with winter’s ravage
The yellow blossoms of the Skunk Cabbage

My heart sings when I see their beauty swell
Their golden hues emerge before their smell

Yes, their putrid odor makes my heart sing
The irony of their stink brings us spring

Jim Teeters, United States

Spring Springing
Sweet smell in the air shows springs sprung
Birds sing through spring air with bird tongue

Feel of happiness is everywhere
Could it be, spring is what we share?

Spring time comes only once a year
Yes springs sprung for our joyous tear
Yancy Lee Dalton, United States

Springtime (English)

And after cold days now the sun
Delights the heart with graceful fun

Now fresh grass in the spring breeze swing
Birds somewhere in the distance sing

The sky before yet gray not new
Changed now to vivid royal blue


Frühlingszeit  (German)

Nach kalten Tagen jetzt die Sonne
erfreut die Herzen voller Wonne

Und frisches Gras im Frühlingswind
sprießt überall und recht geschwind

Der Himmel kürzlich trist und grau
erstrahlt erneut in Königsblau

Gert Knop, Germany

spring lane

as I drive the river road at dawn
I catch the scent of freshly- cut lawn
from the bank daffodils wave their greeting
true sweetness of our words on meeting
pink cherry blossoms ripen branches
as you and I decide to take our chances

Anne Curran, New Zealand

Spring Seeds…

planted with vision
not indecision

each step with the Lord…
mutual accord

Karen O'Leary, United States

April’s Music

Here I stand listening as you sing
and dance with lilacs in the spring.

Petunias and bluebells clap their hands
as the rose and red bud join the band.

Your yellow hair shifts in the soft breeze
as lilacs tinkle like piano keys.

Michael Escoubas, United States


  1. Hats off to Gert Knop! Delicately correct rhyme and rhythm in two languages, we can listen as "...birds somewhere in the distance sing.." Indeed, you teach us!

    1. Hi Richard,
      I so agree about Gert's skill and his blessing to the Whispers' family of skilled artists.
      Thank you for the comment,

    2. Dear Rick,

      I heartily agree with your assessment of Gert's talents. He is also a wonderful human being. Thank you for stopping by with your kind words.


  2. lovely couplets - well done to everyone

    1. Jack,
      I'm especially happy with the popularity of this exercise--ditto your well done to everyone!

    2. Dear Jack,

      Thank you for sharing your words as a part of this wonderful collection of poems. It is such a blessing that you continue to support Whispers in a wide array of words. Michael brings us an opportunity to grow with his popular activities. He is a blessing to our Whispers community.

      Best wishes to you and your Mum, always,

  3. Spring is my favorite season and all these little poems prove Spring is the utmost joyful time of the year

    1. Daginne,
      I think these couplets add immensely to the joy you note in your comment!
      We bless one another,

    2. Dear Inge,

      What a joy to read your words as a part of this wonderful collection of poetry that Michael has collected for this column.

      I appreciate all the support and encouragement your share in a variety of ways. Wishing you the best!


  4. What beautiful rhyming couplets conjuring up such fresh and joyful emotions that only spring can give as a gift to every human being!
    I congratulate all the artists on these lovely verses!

    1. Greetings Claudia,
      You are a treasure!
      Thank you for your delightful comment.

    2. Dear Claudia,

      Thank you for your kind words regarding this wonderful column Michael has put together for our reading enjoyment. I appreciate you stopping by to share your thoughts.


  5. This is a lovely bouquet of the petals of spring. Love the rhymed couplets for saying, in memorable ways, the happiness, including Skunk Cabbage, or sadness of Little Bird and Tom Cat, that spring offers. I am redoing my previous comment as I also appreciated the poem in German.

    1. Dear Barbara,
      I, too, am struck by the wide variety of "takes" on the season represented by the poems in this exercise.
      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Every creature, including the mortal creature enjoys spring. Poet
    writers are no exception to this rule, as you are about to see in
    these Written displays. Michael Escoubas, Whispers’ Features
    Editor anounced these great writers. Mary Gunn from Ireland,
    expresses her thoughts about eve of palm Sunday life. Kelley J.
    White, of the United States, displays, "Spring Warning" for the
    Hungry bird feeders sake. Barbara Robinette of United States,
    Is " Walking Through Woods in Spring" Plotting her chart of
    pleasing seasons. Elizabeth Howard of the United States finds
    an Absurd little bird that stirred the tom cat as he purred, silly
    bird. In a poem titled "how?" Mary O. Monical, from the United
    States snow on the crocus will not last, flowers know its time to
    grow, even with splendid snow on the show also beauty of the
    spring is on the go. Barbara Tate from the United States finds
    no one there, must be on a "spring Hunt"..Aju Mukhopadhyay,
    from India, Notes "Spring Invigorates" into being spring being
    crowned seasons king. Pat Geyer, United States finds Spirals
    of energy, floating on spring season. Pat Geyer also from the
    United States, developed "Spring Fever" from scent of flowers,
    Retreat of the snow, Warm rays of sun and sprits free. Again
    from the United States, Kathleen Murphy plucked the "Wild
    roses of spring" which fade and die when spring is gone. So
    is the beauty and the song. Annie Jenkin from England, felt
    "The sweetness of spring" as did the honey bees, sampling
    flowers for nectar for whole hive to make honey arrive. Isha
    Wagner from New Zealand tabulated "Falling into the season"
    Noting the sky above is the brightest blue, casting mountains
    sunlit hue, as if lifted above the ground to smell fresh spring air.
    To Neena Singh, of India, "spring" is just plain spring, with the
    rebirth of flowers, trees, butterflies, bees, and fresh breeze.
    Candace Armstrong, of the United States labels spring as the
    Birth of a Season. Jan Allison,from Isle of Man gives us nice
    "Spring Time" of emerald skirts, Pretty pink blossom dressing
    the Sakura trees, all in a blaze of gold.Colorful crocuses and
    irises are a joy to behold. Then US citizen, Joan Leotta, writes
    "Spring Return" Having waited for it since The last autumn
    color fled from our tree to become ground Dover. Allan Ball of
    England, Added "Seasonal Splendour" of bird song echo's in
    fields of green, new born arrivals heralded in colorful hues. A
    seasonal spender, so graceful and tender. David Fox of U.S.
    shares "Joys of springtime" to note flowers that grow, birds
    that sing, his enjoyment of what spring time brings. "Spring"

  7. "Spring" to Jack Horn of England is daffodils in the ground,
    Lambs grazing around, springs here at last winter days past.
    US citizen Glenda B Frazer hollers "Hello beautiful world" as
    filled with flowers, trees, green grass and honey bees. U.S.
    citizen Diane Webster watches "Evening Fade" lilac bloom
    in air, like rain bows fading to pastel flair. as frogs begin a
    moonlight serenade. Also of the United .States. is Richard
    Carl Subber writing "Le Printemps" which is to say, "Before
    we see the burgeoned bloom, it preens in natures own green
    room. Leading to "Spring Sprung" by u.s. writer, David La-
    Rue Alexander repeating blossoming flowers, budding trees,
    Soft gentle rain, birds and bees. Spring coming to rescue
    him. But continuing from Canada is Emile Pinet, with the
    "First Signs of Spring" Waking up to tinkling melting snow,
    A robin chirp in a nearby tree, and spring smell in the air.
    Wesdijk (Daginne Aignend) of the Netherlands mentioned
    "Blossom" of calicl short-sleeved shirts, Aprils son doing
    its best, even thoughts being airily dressed. "A calming
    connection" came from writer Ndaba Sibanid from Kuwait.
    While Pam Murray of Canada presented "Spring Flowers"
    From tiny buds showing their heads as the sun warms the
    flower beds. Snow gone grass green, sense of new life,
    permeating scene of spring melodies. Of the U.S. Jim
    Teeters presents "Odiferous Omen" Clued in winters
    ravage of yellow blossomed Skunk Cabbage, heart
    singing as their beauty swell and golden hues emerge,
    as irony of their stink brings in spring. Yancy Dalton
    also of the U.S. finds "Spring Springing" with birds
    singing, happiness being everywhere, with Joyous tears.
    Gert Knop, of Germany Shows "Spring time" in English
    and In German "Frühlingszeit" thourally understanding
    Spring more than most. New Zealand's Anne Curran
    took a drive down "Spring Lane" at dawn catching the
    scent of freshly-cut lawn, seeing daffodils wave, and
    Pink cherry blossoms ripen branches, taking with lover
    chances. U.S. citizen Karen O'Leary plants "Spring
    seeds" with vision not indecision, stepping with Lord
    in mutual accord. Thus Michael Escoubas Features
    editor finishes springs show with "Aprils Music" To
    Stand and listen to song, and watching dance with
    lilacs in the spring, Petunias, bluebells and red roses
    joining the fun, summing up the spring lovers run.
    Great writing all of you.----------------------------------Yancy

  8. Dear Yancy,
    Your energy and perseverance to honor entry is truly inspiring. There is much love within our writing community. I feel honored to be included.

    1. Thanks Michael, Every writer displays a jewel in own,
      writing. All should be remembered as doing good
      work. I love this world wide collection of
      Whispers writers.

    2. This website is a blessing of caring poets, from around the world, writing their take on universal Spring. A joy it is to read the many poems.

  9. Congratulations to all of you. Spring is blooming abundantly at Whispers. Thank you for the refreshing variety of all things spring.

    1. Hi Jo,
      Hearing from you only adds to the happiness of the season. So appreciate your comment.

  10. Such a wonderful collection of poetic grace and splendour . The topic Springtime , fits perfectly with new beginnings . Well done
    to all the Poets, who shared their talent with the Community .
    A special thank you to Michael, who inspired everyone.Allan .

    1. Dear Allan,
      Our wonderful writing community continues to inspire me, too.

  11. The many spring couplets were a joy and inspiration to read. Thanks

  12. Dear J T,
    That you for commenting. Spring Couplets has proven to be one of our most popular challenges. Good feelings all the way around about this one.