Monday, March 7, 2016

A New Season--By Christine Tate--United States

A New Season

Shed your winter garments
a new one awaits thee,
stretch your tired limbs
to the sky lovely tree!

Gather twigs and branches
to build your cozy nest,
as spring makes its debut
busy robin red breast!

Hyacinth and crocus flowers
bursting through the earth,
fragrant signs of springtime
the season of new birth.

As winter bids farewell,
God summons His creation
to arise from slumber,
and begin the celebration!

Christine Tate has been writing since 1994. She's the mother of 3 sons and has 8 grandchildren. She was widowed in 2007 and met her husband Artie, a widower with 6 children & 12 grandchildren, in a nursing facility where their mothers resided. They've been happily married 4 1/2 years. They describe their meeting as "God's divine appt." because of their faith, and the fact that they swore they'd never marry again. 


  1. Christine,

    Like the imagery, personification and deep diction you have used in your poem. It explicitly describes many seasons of life; both connotative and denotative. Thanks for sharing.

  2. love this lovely & uplifting write

  3. Thank you both Ntchindi & Jack for your sweet comments. I appreciate you taking the time to read my poem. Good wishes, Chris~

  4. Hi Christine,

    Yes, it's time to get ready for Spring again and I enjoyed how you described nature doing it here.

    Best wishes and thanks,
    Sandra Stefanowich