Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Stardust Dream--By Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson--Canary Islands

My Stardust Dream

With the suns passage going down
Twilight blends my mind to dream
Of gently walking through the town
With a vanilla ice cream

My stardust dreams then lead me on
Like an airbrushed melody
My spirit walks with all weight gone
I feel light as light can be

I dance to a moonlight melody
Mystic tendrils fill the air
Then something seems to waken me
Wishing I was still there

Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson is a coal miners daughter, the only girl among 6 lads. A young mother to a son, she became a widow before she turned 18.  Patricia, then, married her childhood sweetheart who fathered her lovely son and two wonderful daughters.  Her children encouraged her to pursue her own talents.  After 51 years of marriage, she became a widow again recently.  She fills her time with poetry, helping others whenever she can.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely poem, Patricia. I read into this a natural desire to want to go "back home" once again to the simpler life. Or maybe it isn't back home as much as just a dream of the simpler life. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.
    Love, Charlene