Friday, March 11, 2016

That Old Back Yard--By Ron Larson--United States

That Old Back Yard

Years ago, we put up that old goal and net.
That's a day the kids won't ever forget.
But they grew up, got married, and then all moved away,
And that old goal looked lonely every sunny day.

The net's all frayed, and worn, and almost gone,
And we felt a piece of our happiness had moved on.
But now the grandkids are shooting at that old goal.
And that makes me feel good in my soul.

That old backyard is happy again.
Kids smiling and playing like they did back then.
Gonna get a ladder and hang up a new net, my friend.
That old backyard is having fun again.

Our family's like that steel rim and basketball game.
It changes, but it still stays the same.
If there's one truth written from above,
It's about family, God, fun, and love.

Ron Larson is a retired community college professor (Ph.D.) and has had both fiction and non-fiction published in various journals over the years. He has been writing poetry for the last two years. His poems have been accepted by such diverse magazines as The American Dissident, Big Pulp, and WestWard Quarterly.


  1. This is the truth you get on your 65th birthday or thereabouts! Thanks, Ron.

  2. An open goal is always a magnet! Mature piece, much to savour! Best wishes Ralph.