Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Son Terence--By Gerald McBreen--United States

My Son Terence

Have you a letter from my son Terence?
Not this morning.
When do you think he will write?
Hard to say he’s just a boy.
He’s far away you know.
So you say.
Took him with her when she left.
Didn’t even say good-bye.
Don’t you send a note every month?
Yes, and she cashes all the checks.
Doesn’t mean he gets the notes.
I hate to think she’s that way.
That way enough to sneak off
without a word.
He’s my son.  Someday we’ll reconnect.
Tomorrow, check the mail again

Gerald McBreen is the Coordinator for the Striped Water Poets of Auburn, WA. They host an "open mic" every first Monday of the month. He is Poet Laureate of Pacific, WA. (2009-2015) His most recent award - winning the online Cover Letter Contest for July, 2014 - River Styx. He loves to see members of the Striped Water Poets advance and get published. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this piece Gerald.

  2. Sad and all too true how often this happens. My heart goes out to you.