Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tanka--By Anne Curran--New Zealand

kids walking to school
in blue sweats and black shorts
clinging to their legs ...
this summer rain
relentless and swampy

my hand on his leg
I fasten the bandage ...
this confidence
comes from the healing
profession of my father

triathlete ...
he tells me that
when the cyclist fell
he stopped
but most athletes wouldn't

Anne Curran is a Japanese verse forms poet from Hamilton, New Zealand.  Anne has been writing poetry for about ten years with the encouragement of friends and family. She draws inspiration from the world around her. She has been fortunate to enjoy the wisdom of some fine editors and fellow poets.


  1. Nice to meet another NZ Japanese verse form poet. Have you tried classical Chinese poetry at all?

  2. I enjoyed reading your poems, Anne. I don't know classical Chinese poetry. Any suggestions, Maureen?

  3. Anne,
    Very nice. I enjoyed reading these, especially the last two as they showed a lot of compassion. I don't know any Chinese forms either, perhaps you'd like to give a description of one to try, Maureen?
    Your friend,
    David Fox