Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Poetry Moments--By Ananya Dhawan--India

The magic mirror
solely reflects, a soul

With extreme finesse
the fire spread, like fairy's wings
caressing heaven

A drop of silver
the boundless beauty - too rich
plainly aesthetic

Hailing from India, Ananya Dhawan is an avid reader and writes poetry and stories in her spare time, which reflects her deep fascination for Literature. She has a cheerful disposition, believes in living each moment to the fullest and shows keen interest in the sensitive side of life.


  1. Such beautiful, delicate images, Ananya. Soothing and pleasurable to read.

  2. Ananya,
    Some great, brief poems. Welcome to Whispers if you are new, a warm welcome for me, even if you are not.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  3. Hello Ananya

    This is lovely poetry. The entry as a whole is very reflective and soft. I found this entry original and well crafted. Thank you for sharing your talent. Sincerely, Ann Marie Mazzarella

  4. I really enjoyed these, especially the final thoughts. If we want to see the world as it truly is, peripheral vision is a must.

  5. superb poetry! ethereal moments in each.