Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Salty Lament--By David Williams--England

A Salty Lament

Lead me to the water, to face the watery graves
See boats moored in the harbour and hear the crashing waves
I’ve sailed along the Ocean’s, and rode the Seven Sea’s
Hoisted up the main brace, and going where I please

Lead me to the water to see the setting of the sun
My life spread out before me I see what I’ve become
A lonely salty sea-dog who is living in the past
Telling tales of giant fish past midnight they would last

Lead me to the water make my memories come alive
Of days on Golden ponds to swim in and to dive
To far off distant lands and sandy tropical isles
Bonding with each other while sailing nautical miles

Lead me to the water let me lay among the ghosts
Of friends who slid before me to the sea bed as their host
Their souls all swim together, each they cannot save
The sailor’s cries are drifting in a watery grave.

David Williams was born in England and has resided there all of his life. He started writing poetry at the tender age of 14. He was encouraged to enter a local school poetry contest and went on to win it. In later life, he joined many local poetry groups and writers circles, eventually becoming chairman. He has had 9 poetry books published and is collating material for two more books which will hopefully be out later this year. He holds workshops to help and encourage writers to understand the many different forms of poetry. He has won many contests and is also a recognised poetry judge.


  1. 'Lead me to the water' indeed. I have found this repetition emotional. In my culture, water is a symbol of life and this poem has provoked that thought in me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A sad write of memories, almost a lest we forget style of thought it gave me as we walked through a lifetime on the seas, beautifully captured.