Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tumble, Twirl, with the Tidal Swirl--By Anna-Marie Docherty--Wales

Tumble, Twirl, with the Tidal Swirl

Come dance in the waters
that summer has warmed
amidst the froth of the seas
Hear the sighs that echo from tides
as the crescents ripple in breeze

Join the surfers
as they ride in on the waves
balancing bravely so tall
watch as their confidence grows so high
until showing off some fall

It’s one enormous bath
with the plug left in
where people swim around in the quay
and in that huge sink, the ships sail in
with the goods coming home from away

See how the bathers go in for a dip
desperate to cool down in the sun
and children play sports
on the beach with their new friends
running around with such fun

Anna-Marie Docherty lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK and is often inspired by nature and the world around her. Having been writing poetry now for 4 - 5 years, her works have developed in structure and form as well as using free verse in her writing as she walks this endless art form and creativity in her thirst to further learn. Letting the pen and the muse dictate topic and form both humour, religion, nature or the serious subject might be touched upon therefore keeping the writing fresh and easy to read by those who follow. Writing both as given name above and pen name anaisnais through the net, examples of poems can be found both in Snippets, an anthology of short verse by various international poets, compiled by Karen O'Leary and Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson; also Pink Panther magazine, an anthology written by several poets and artists on feminist issues in our environment and various poems on the internet for taster.


  1. Anna-Marie,
    I love the delightful way in which this was composed -- absolutely splendid!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

    1. Thanking you David, good to see you and look forward to seeing what you have been writing too... Kindest thoughts...

  2. An invitation to hear the sighs that echo from the tides. I can picture the surfers and feel the fun the beach-goers and bathers are having. Great imagery here.

    1. Thanks Ndaba, glad you could get into the feel of the poem, and great to get feedback. Appreciate your stopping by and taking time to pause a while...

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    1. Humbled, thank you for such a kind comment. Hope to see you again...

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    1. Appreciate your taking time to read and comment, hope to see you return, thank you!

    2. Appreciate your taking time to read and comment, hope to see you return, thank you!

  5. So many delights to observe, at the waters edge...

    1. Too many delights to choose from Michael, makes you want to cram in everything and difficult to know when enough is enough. Good to see you here, thanks for the kindness of stopping by and commenting.

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    1. Thank you Aju, glad you think so... as poets we can be spoilt for choice of inspiration some days! Good to see you...

  7. This is such a lovely write. I truly enjoyed reading this remarkable poem this morning. What a talented poet you are, great work.