Friday, September 4, 2015

Tanka--By Anne Curran--New Zealand

I pick a price tag
from her over-sized sunnies
at a café table ...
what does she see
through the Gucci lens ?

softly I read
tanka from a journal
to my ill mother ...
sunlight sprinkled
across our page

waiting to hear
from the hospital
a third time ...
wondering when
the rain clouds will break

Anne Curran is a Japanese verse forms poet from Hamilton, New Zealand.  Anne has been writing poetry for about ten years with the encouragement of friends and family. She draws inspiration from the world around her. She has been fortunate to enjoy the wisdom of some fine editors and fellow poets.


  1. Anne,
    I like all 3 of these, especially the second one.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  2. Hospital stays, doctor's visits, and waiting for test results are very stressful times..Reading Tankas seem to help ease the wait..Enjoyed reading your work..

  3. A well-thought out poem filled with disarming emotion and anxiety.

  4. I especially enjoyed the third Tanka, that was a very illustrious piece. You have amazed me by the talent you prescribe with these poems. Great work.