Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Forgetting You--By Gerald McBreen--United States

Forgetting You

Darling forgetting you is
not something I can do
To love forever
is the vow we made

Sealed in my heart is
a love that never fades
Don’t know why you strayed
Why you went away

Sweetheart I love you
with a passion that burns
Forgetting you is
not something I can do

Turn back the hands on the clock
Reverse the sun dial’s swing
Please baby please
Let’s fall in love all over again

Gerald McBreen is the Coordinator for the Striped Water Poets of Auburn, WA. They host an "open mic" every first Monday of the month. He is Poet Laureate of Pacific, WA. (2009-2015) His most recent award - winning the online Cover Letter Contest for July, 2014 - River Styx. He loves to see members of the Striped Water Poets advance and get published.


  1. A lovely piece in search of reconnecting and rekindling the fires and wires of love. Wishing all the best!

  2. Its deep and intense, I love the innocence and honesty.

  3. A heartfelt poem Gerald. I enjoyed reading it! Good wishes Chris~

  4. This is so good, when it works. Even when it does not, the melancholy is effective.

  5. I surely loved reading this tremendous poem. You have written a heartfelt piece. Great work.