Saturday, September 12, 2015

Packages Yet to be Unpacked--By Vasanthi S. Pillai--India

Packages Yet to be Unpacked

Very often, I look at my face, and smile.
Sometimes for a minute, sometimes for a little longer.
It might be just as soon as I wake up,
it might be after a long tiring day,
sometimes it’s all shabby and low,
sometimes it’s all cheerful and gay,
but every time,
there’s one thing that I notice ,
that I’d have never noticed before.
Because just when I think that I know myself inside out
there is something new, something fresh
a crazy streak of light dangling,
from a source that I never bother to find out.
Because, I am intrigued,
by every package that is yet to be unpacked
or sometimes I wonder, whether it’s my eyes,
that captures the different poses of the same mystery,
because, everything is so new and yet so old
because, I’ve always felt that an alien of my present,
must have been an old friend of my past.

Vasanthi is a dreamer who completely enjoys writing and reading poetry, and every piece of her work is the result of a conversation with her soul.


  1. Beautiful verses which I enjoyed to read this night; they are cleaning and giving new colors to my mind. Thanks for write them, Vasanthi.

  2. Great thoughts, I feel this most when I am at family gatherings and see
    family traits ,so similar but different. Enjoyed this encapsulation of ancesters traits in us that form what we are.
    Sincerely Suzanne
    Sincerely, Suzanne

    1. I completely agree, family gatherings give an interesting percpective of people around us. Thank you so much Suzanne

  3. So much good in life is found to be perpetual.

    This poem is very uplifting.