Monday, September 7, 2015

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Jan Allison and Darren Watson--United Kingdom

Together Again

By Jan Allison and Darren Watson

Always held onto that dream
And now it has come true
I am back in your life
Our love has pulled us through

We want the world to know
We’re together again
Times have been tough
But we are best friends

I’ve missed your smile
I’ve missed your face
But no one will ever
Take your place

You’re now a part of me
Two hearts became one
Friends forever we'll be
We have so much yet to be done.

We write of a never ending love story
A fantasy life we both live
A celebration of love's glory
Two lovers giving all they can give,

You inspire me to continue
Each day my heart you touch
Once more because of you
Life means oh so much.


  1. After surviving the tempest of life, it is lovely to see you two co-writers back in action. Wishing you all the best. // paul

  2. Thank you, Isha Wagner, for the following--

    An interesting story within this poem : the joy of reuniting with a loved one and clearly shows the human need to love and be loved. This poem explores it wonderfully.

    Yours sincerely
    Isha Wagner

  3. Dear Jan and Darren.

    I agree with Isha. It was such a privilege to publish this lovely poem. Congratulations Jan and Darren! Darren, welcome to Whispers! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.


  4. Ahhh!! Enjoyed reading this passionate work..Way to go..


  5. Thank you, Andrea Dietrich, for the following--

    I am so happy to see Jan and Darren writing together again. Awesome, you guys.

  6. Definitely a poem that makes life stop for a moment to reflect. Thank you it's a well written and appears like a 'good new's story which is refreshing. Well done.

  7. Jan and Darren,
    A great poem. You work well together. Welcome to Whispers, Darren!!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  8. I enjoyed this well-written poem about reunion and love.

  9. A great reflection of true undying love, awesome poem

  10. Love this very much. I just wish everyone was happy in their relationship as this. Very uplifting, well written with a great flow.Well done. Yes friendship is the most important thing in any relationship. Ennoted it. my kind of write. Best wishes. Pete..

  11. You have delighted me to no end with this tremendous write. I surely enjoyed reading this awesome poem this morning. What a fabulous piece. Great work.