Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Mingled Cup--By Neil Creighton--Australia

A Mingled Cup

When upon the world of men I think,
Its tender love, its lust for power,
A disturbing, mingled cup I drink
With tastes both sweet and bitterly sour.
A child’s laughter, whilst joy most bright,
Is lost in the staccato burst of gun
And innocence is damaged by the blight
Of injustice and gain corruptly won.
Then dark thoughts oppress and sadden,
That we who on this blue planet live,
Each other so callously burden
Taking much more than we ever give.
The horror of sharing this miracle of life
And wasting it in division and murderous strife.

Neil Creighton and his wife, Diana, live in a small village outside of Sydney, Australia. He was an English and Drama teacher. He has had a lifelong love of poetry. His subjects of love, justice, the beauty and mystery of the world, evocation of place and the search for meaning are expressed in a variety of styles. His poems have been published in The Second Genesis, An Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry and Prosopisia, An International Poetry Journal. He blogs at. "Wind of Flowers--Poems by Neil Creighton."


  1. It is an elegy, is it not? And I feel it is far better to look, as you do, at the beauties we CAN have, and keep, when we learn not to war. I think its gentleness is appropriate.

  2. Thanks, Mari. Deeply appreciated.

  3. Neil, thank you for sharing this deep, inspiring poem that rings with truth of a society that has gone astray. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

    1. Maurice, thanks very much for your encouragement.