Wednesday, May 4, 2016

In the Nursing Home--By Neil Creighton--Australia

In the Nursing Home

That great gift-giver, Time,
Has brought them to a point
Where they shuffle slowly in their frames
Or sit quietly in their chairs
Sustained by remnants of memory,
Waiting for they know not what.
Weep for them, shed your tears,
But in this life of vulnerable mortality
Time has gifted them abundance of years.
The weight of Time's gifts has bent them,
Carried them at last to the great, dark portal
Through which all life must flow,
Carried them ceaselessly along
With one final gift to bestow,
The release into serenity,
Into quiet, conscious-less eternity,
Time's final gift of letting them go.

Neil Creighton and his wife, Diana, live in a small village outside of Sydney, Australia. He was an English and Drama teacher. He has had a lifelong love of poetry. His subjects of love, justice, the beauty and mystery of the world, evocation of place and the search for meaning are expressed in a variety of styles. His poems have been published in The Second Genesis, An Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry and Prosopisia, An International Poetry Journal. He blogs at. "Wind of Flowers--Poems by Neil Creighton."


  1. Thanks very much, Karen. You provide such a wonderful,service to poets and are so encouraging in your comments.

  2. Neil, thank you for sharing your endearing poem, "In the Nursing Home." It is a touching piece filled with sentiment and heartfelt gratitude for those who have lived a good life and now have the memories to keep them company. Nicely done.

    Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I've never thought of nursing homes like this before. This poem has completely changed my outlook. Thanks again--and I look forward to reading more of your poetry.

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  5. Well done, Neil. Well done indeed. Thank you.
    -Laura Kaminski

  6. Thanks Laura. I wondered whether you liked this one. My Mum was in a nursing home for the last month of her life. I have a much more specific portrait of her in next VV.