Monday, May 30, 2016

Three Noisy Boys--By Vivian Belford--Nigeria

Three Noisy Boys

They go from quiet to noisy in seconds
Have you switch sweet nursery rhymes
To loud appalling whines and howls
They crawl, creep, hide and seek
Three noisy boys they are

If all is quiet, hope they are napping
Else see sights that leave mouth ajar
If they are thirsty, give just a little
Else slip in their make-shift puddle
For life is now joy and jolt on reprise

But amidst their cries, pleas and pranks
Tantrums thrown at will and ease                                    
Part of you melts when you hear
Three noisy boys holler out
Mummy… without a frown

Vivian Belford is a freelance writer by day and an aspiring actor by night, she started writing professionally in 2013. Some of her work has been featured in Indian periodicals, Tuck magazine and Creativity webzine. She is currently starring in her own movie "living and dying with a smile." She writes from Abuja, Nigeria.


  1. Splendid. Beautiful write up. Captured the message as if it were real. Sky ain't your limit girl cus u sure will exceed it. Congrats and keep it rolling in.

  2. Love it. Such wonderful imagery and storytelling. What a nice poem. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (