Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hey, Hummingbird--By James Keane--United States

Hey, Hummingbird

Hey, hummingbird
hovering, peering in
just outside my window
to life,
           just be there when I need you,

where my sad son
can see you. Be tickled
your soundless whirring makes
him smile a little to fly
a little, forget to cry
alone, a little.
                       May he always know

he is good, and my prayer
through his window to life
be heard, and never misunderstood:

Keep him lovingly in your sights
all of my days, and all of his nights.

(Originally published in Autumn Leaves)

James Keane lives in northern New Jersey, USA with his wife and son and a menagerie of merry pets. In 2013, his first poetry chapbook, What Comes Next, was published by Finishing Line Press. His poems have appeared recently in the Indiana Voice JournalVerse-Virtual, The Bond Street Review, the Wilderness House Literary Review, the Tipton Poetry Journal, the Blue Monday Reviewthe Firewords Quarterly, the East Coast Literary Review, and Contemporary American Voices. In addition, he still can’t cook to save his life.


  1. Very touching poem...thanks for sharing!

  2. Replies
    1. So he came to you! I wondered where he went. :) Thank you, Ayaz.

  3. Dear James,
    Wonderful tribute to life!
    With high regard,

  4. James, I completely understand a father's wishes for his son, and appreciate your thoughtful portrayal here.

    ~Douglas S. Malan

    1. Thank you very much, Douglas. You know, the final two lines are my favorites. I feel very fortunate to have written them.

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    1. Thank you very much, Peggy. I wish all my poems came as naturally as "Hey, Hummingbird." Not easily or quickly. Naturally. :)

  6. James,
    I love hummingbirds, they are my favorite type of bird. Welcome to Whispers if you are new, a warm welcome fro me, even if you are not.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

    1. Thank you, David. This is my second posting, so I'm relatively new. Your warm welcome is appreciated.

  7. Hey Jim, lovely poem. Great to read it again. All the best, Neil.

    1. Thank you, Neil. Hope you and Diana and your brood are doing well.

  8. A beautiful poem, James. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

    1. Thank you, Maurice. Continued blessings to you as well.

  9. "Hey, Hummingbird" is a unique poem James. I remember as child I use to catch hummingbirds while in flight when they were hovering, not going anywhere. They certainly made this child happy to watch and play with.