Tuesday, February 28, 2017

old maple...--By Robert P. Hansen--United States

old maple
leaning over
the river bank

in its shadow

lines dangling
from its branches

Robert P. Hansen thanks those of you who nominated his science fiction novel Please Don’t Eat the Penguins on Kindle Scout. Unfortunately, they decided not to publish it so he has done so himself. He has also published the first book of his new series, Aftermath, which is a sequel to his Angus the Mage fantasy series. For links to online retailers, visit his blog at: rphansenauthorpoet.wordpress.com   


  1. Dear Robert,
    Wonderfully visual lines!
    Thank you,

  2. Robert, how lovely and thank you for sharing your talent. An early childhood memory was conjured up in my mind, with this picturesque poem. Out at the end of Grandpa's and Grandma's cow pasture, that extended for what seemed like eternity, was a small pond with cottonwood trees lining it's banks where I used to go with my mother and brother for picnics. I was sure there were fish to be caught but that was just a joyful fantasy. Such a carefree, peaceful time I do enjoy remembering. Thank you!

  3. Love this, it is perfect, thank you for sharinig it with us. Peggy

  4. Dear Robert, beautiful set scene I have seen many times. Makes me want to go fishing just down from the Maple so it won't tangle my line.