Thursday, February 2, 2017

Reflection on Psalm 23--By Helen Dowd--Canada

Reflection on Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know.
He makes me lie down where still waters flow.
He heals my sick soul, and leads me aright.
He guides me by day, and protects me at night.
When death overshadows me, no ill shall I fear.
For I know that His presence always is near.
Whenever I stray, the Lord brings me back.
With His rod and staff prodding me, He keeps me on track.
In the midst of my enemies, God prepares me a feast.
I can sit there in comfort, not afraid in the least.
My head He anoints with the finest of oil.
My cup's running over; my joy, naught can spoil.
His Goodness and Mercy go behind me always.
They will ever be with me, to the end of my days.
When my life is over and it comes time to die,
I'll live with Him ever, in my Home up on High.
The Lord is my Shepherd, my Lord and my King.
And of His Salvation, I ever will sing.

Helen Dowd enjoys spending time at her computer, along side her husband of 60 years, writing poetry, story poems, stories about pets and life in general, as well as inspirational and Bible stories. She has one book published. Her stories and poems have been published in several Anthologies. Helen hosts an inspirational online publication,  She is presently a caregiver for her husband and sister, one dog, five cats and 6 gold fish.


  1. Dear Helen,
    You've enhanced one of my favorite texts.
    Thank you or this blessing,

  2. Yes! Rise up! Thank you.

    ~Douglas S. Malan

  3. A beautiful reflection of one of the most inspiring Psalms, Helen. Very creative. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  4. Helen,
    I love this poem!I think I remember you from Storytime Tapestry if I am not mistaken. I loved this poem and wow -- 60- years is a long time to be married. Congratulations!

  5. Beautiful reflection Helen on the wonderful 23rd Psalm. I enjoyed reading your poem! God bless...Good wishes, Chris~

  6. Dear Helen,
    Great "Reflection on Psalm 23" a very true and very humble detailed writing. I enjoyed reading this very much.