Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yet Another Birthday--By Bibhu Padhi--India

Yet Another Birthday
Each tree looks behind, remembers
the seed, imagines its further growth.

I know, the great trees I see
will all outlive me.

Why then this waiting for the end?
Why the celebrations of eternity?

Perhaps the answer lies elsewhere—
in our hereditary beliefs, our faith.

Why are we here, why these
temporary extensions, day by day?

Even today we do not know so many
things—shadowy, night-like.

It seems an ancestral wish
is to be fulfilled through a line

uttered with love, just as it seems
there is someone yet who can answer,

but who is still to be born.
Faithfully I wait.

Bibhu Padhi has published ten collections of poems. His work has appeared in magazines and anthologies throughout the English-speaking world. He lives in Bhyubaneswar (India) with his family.


  1. Dear Bibhu,
    Thank you for this provocative poem.
    Please send another!

  2. Bibhu,
    I loved this poem. Thanks for posting it!
    ?Yours truly,
    David Fox

  3. Bibu, oh the thoughts this well written poem conjures up in my mind as I myself have asked the same questions in the past.I thank God I have found the answers for myself. Thank you for helping me remember the blessing of knowing the answers. God bless you to find yours.

  4. Very well thought out write Bibhu, to join with the trees and our maker
    in multiplying and replenishing the earth. Waiting patiently to greet
    and name next in line. What a writing treasure!