Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Color of Laughter--By Elizabeth Howard--United States

The Color of Laughter

It was winter,
and the Creator was sad.
I'll brighten
the bleak earth, he thought.
He filled a bag:
golden sunbeam,
swatch of blue sky,
handful of cornmeal,
shadows of blowing trees,
strands of a girl's black hair,
green pine needles,
red petunia.
He gave the bag
to children who opened it.
A thousand butterflies
fluttered out
and settled in their hair.
The children laughed,
and so did God.

(Based on a Papago myth)

Previously published in Tennessee Voices, 1997-98

Elizabeth Howard lives in Crossville, Tennessee. She writes poetry and fiction. Her poems have appeared in Comstock Review, Big Muddy, Appalachian Heritage, Cold Mountain Review, Poem, Still, Mobius, Now & Then, Slant, and other journals.


  1. Thank you Elizabeth
    for this uniquely creative poem.
    Great title and thematic development.

  2. Oh my! What wonderful creative imagery. I loved it!

  3. Elizabeth,
    A great inspirational write!
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  4. Delightful poem Elizabeth. Awesome imagery! I enjoyed reading it. God bless you! Chris~

  5. I loved this Elizabeth. Great detailed imaginary. I beleive God has a great sense of humor just like you described.