Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Decade Since Redeployment--By Arthur Turfa--United States

A Decade Since Redeployment

There are no hills; only distant ridges
evoke accustomed landscape.
Sun strikes harshly;
gradually the new places
become home as
a pair of shoes conforms
to the contours of the feet.

Morning flight from Rhein/Main
hurried hugs at Ft. Dix
changing into civvies.
Brief flight to new home:
reunion with family
flurry of interviews
careers resumed.

In time, peach orchards
tall pines in sandy soil
glimpse of distant peaks
and mustard-based barbecue
tie me to the new place.

Arthur Turfa is a transplanted Pennsylvanian who enjoys living in the Midlands of South Carolina. These places and others are reflected in his book, Places and Times, eLectio Publishing, 2015. His bivocationl career path has given him a wealth of experience which makes for a rich blend of poetry. Currently a moderator in three Google+ poetry communities, he is working on a second book.


  1. Hello Arthur,
    You have created some great images with your words, a pair of shoes conforms... tall pines... mustard-based barbecue. Thank you for sharing your poem.
    Take care

    1. Annie, thanks for reading and for enjoying my images!

  2. Good one Arthur, I relate "A Decade Since Redeployment",
    having been a contractor, and moving a lot on top of
    that. Very good writing. I enjoyed reading.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Yancy. We know the drill, don't we?

  3. Dear Arthur,
    I like all of your images especially the "pair of shoes that contour to your feet" depicting the gradual adjustment made upon arriving home.
    Thank you,

    1. That is very kind of you, Michael. We all need to adjust!

  4. I love the feeling of adjustment yourpoem brings having just made a major move myself. Finally feeling that I have worn in the 'new Shoes'. Lovely to read your work. Suzanne.

    1. Thanks for reading, Pixrdia! I was one of the very few soldiers whose famiyl moved (it was planned ) while I deployed. That meant I did not "come back home" but had to adjust to a new life. This summer I will visit my old home area for the first time in 13 years- maybe another poem?