Monday, March 6, 2017

Resurrection Thoughts--By--Suzanne Clement--United States

Resurrection Thoughts                                 

Christ Jesus is risen
From the tomb where He lay.
He has broken death’s prison
Upon this Easter Day.
Now, let us be glad and sing,
Our voices gladly raise,
For back to life God did bring
His Son to reign always.

Because of God, our Father,
Who in heaven dwells,
Is Christ, our brother.
Let our voices swell.
No more shall the earth be sad.
But instead we will say
Hallelujah! and be glad
Since Christ will reign always.

Suzanne Clement is a writer from Dover, New Hampshire.


  1. Suzanne,
    This is beautiful! Love it! Blessings to you!
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

  2. Dear Suzanne,
    I really like the gentle flow of your lines as well as its endearing message.

  3. Very good Suzanne, and while I do not Quite agree with all your doctrine I agree Christ will reign always, making the difference very un important.
    Thanks for sharing this.