Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Colours (English)--By Claudia Messelodi--Italy

Colours (English)

The moment your eyes
deeply pierce
the unassailable terrain
of my inner roots,
soothing the ancient scars
of dumb bleeding wounds,
warming up the chill
of a barren loneliness,
I find pieces of myself
into a new creature,
rescued by love…
And there,
like a rainbow butterfly
flying by
after the blinding storm,
you whisper to my ear:
-I shall light your colours
forever and ever.


Colori (Italian)

Come i tuoi occhi
profondamente penetrano
i territori inespugnabili
delle mie radici interiori,
a lenire le cicatrici antiche
di mute, sanguinanti ferite,
a mitigare il gelo
di un’arida solitudine,
io ritrovo
pezzetti di me,
a formare una nuova creatura
salvata dall’amore.
E nell’istante,
come farfalla d’arcobaleno
dopo la buia tormenta,
sussurri al mio orecchio:
-Accenderò i tuoi colori
sempre e sempre.


Claudia Messelodi lives in Italy where she works as a foreign language teacher at a secondary school. She is the author of five poetry collections. She loves writing haiku and other short forms of poetry both in English and Italian and sometimes in other foreign languages too. Her poetry has appeared in many anthologies and publications over the last few years and was also honored with several awards.


  1. Claudia,
    I love it in both languages! Even though I don't know Italian, I think the language is so poetic.
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

  2. Dear Claudia,
    Like your word-play, "rainbow butterfly/flying by"--the whole poem nicely done!
    Thank you,

    1. Thanks so much Michael for your appreciation of my work. I feel so honored!
      Warmest, Claudia

  3. I really enjoyed reading this lovely poem. Indeed love can and does rescue us when we are in a sad state of mind. Thank you for sharing your talent.
    Charlene McCutcheon

  4. Thank you for your lovely kind comment David, I am really glad you liked it and enjoyed the sound in Italian too!

  5. Many thanks Charlene for your lovely words. You perfectly captured what I intended to express and convey.
    Best regards, Claudia

  6. Hi Claudia, Extreemly well said and deeply expressed. I love the way
    you write.

  7. Many thanks Yancy, your support and encouragement has been of big importance to me!
    Warmest, Claudia

    1. Makes me feel important Claudia, my new found friend. Keep your
      unique thoughts comming.

  8. Lovely, cara Claudia! And even for our poetry friends not knowing Italian feel, that this is a true language for poetry!
    Great poem, I loved it!
    All the best,

  9. Both versions are beautiful, type of poetry. The colours of love have a healing ability of their very own...within them hope resides. Pleased to be reading your work (my first time) and I hope to see you posting more. (I love Italian; most Maltese speak it fluently). Ciao // paul