Monday, March 13, 2017

By Your Presence--By Dan Tharp

By Your Presence

The smallness of the sparrow flitting
reminds me of the fidgeting moments
intermingled with the winds of change
blown in on a northerly breeze fluttering
toward a distant shore.

As the wind scatters her seed
across the terra firma, likewise she has
carried me to the epicenter of your existence
where I have established my roots
in the richness of your soil.

If you have ever considered whether trickling streams
rejoice to meander their way to a turbulent ocean,
you must then consider the paths that have led me to you
through the inconvenience of circumstance and
the rending of hearts.

And as surely as the sun licks the morning clouds;
ascends the eastern horizon,
the scent of dawn has left your fragrance
upon the air I breathe, in the moments
of intimacy, when I am refreshed by your presence.

Dan Tharp is the author of four books of poetry, 3 of which are in chapbook form... Side by Side, Yielding Desire to Fate, A Season Made for Wondering and A Rose in the Briar Patch. Dan resides in Southern California.


  1. Dear Dan, this is very good poetry. I love the flow in your lines
    The picture painted scenery, all flowing into the central theme
    of her presence. I enjoyed the reading.

  2. Nice read, thank you for sharing this with us Dan.

  3. Dear Dan,
    Really like your images. The sun "licking morning clouds" is fresh and energetic.
    Thank you,