Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Partners in Poetry--By Keith Dodrill--England and Hifsa Ashraf--Pakistan

Eternal Beauty
By Keith Dodrill, England and Hifsa Ashraf, Pakistan 

The eyes of my heart search for you
But still you are hidden from desire's gaze
And my utmost attention is not enough;
Yearning overwhelms me
I must break the cocoon of my thoughts
Ready for transformation of the 'Self '
To the next stage of ability

Now I conceive and capture you
Wander the shore of your tantalizing eyes
Looking for answers in the surf
Waiting for you to unfold for me;
My surrender is close
I am balanced on the horizon of our union
Our immortality

Dimensions converge
Your beauty is everywhere
And I feel the petal-soft skin of your Being;
Your smile dives into me
Dissolves within my flesh
And there is such tranquility
That which is present after suns collide

In this calm
Your perfection is realized;
Your face no longer a dream
Your touch is enough
Your arms so comforting
Your kiss renews bliss
Your Love is my ocean
And your heart is my beach
So warm and Eternal


  1. Dear Keith and Hifsa,
    Thank you for this well-crafted poem that evokes your theme of beauty with passionate and memorable images. What a blessing for our Whispers community.
    Do send us more!

  2. Thank you so much Michael and Karen.

  3. wonderful collab well done +hisfa ashraf +keith dodrill..

  4. Dear Hifsa & Keith Thanks for teaming up to break from cocoon
    of mating & how love should be, in this calm of reality
    fact, by spanning distance from England to Pakistan.
    Work of great imaginary, put together with the
    understanding of two's known reality. I
    really enjoyed the last nine nine lines
    of factual passion. Very good
    Partnership writing.

    1. thanks for these lovely words of encouragement!
      bless you!

  5. A beautiful depiction of the soul's longing for union with the One. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, Keith and Hifsa.

  6. Keith and Hifsha,
    A great poetry collaboration. Welcome Keith to Whispers!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  7. Keith and Hifsa,

    Congratulations on all the wonderful comments you have received on your collaboration! The repetition in the last stanza builds until the last line bring forward your heartfelt message. Keith, welcome to Whispers! I hope you consider sharing an individual poem for our readers to enjoy. The guidelines link is in bright blue at the right of the main page. Thank you both for sharing your gifts of words.


    1. Thank you so much Karen for the great encouragement!

  8. I really enjoyed your well written collaboration Keith and Hifsa. Welcome to Whispers Keith. Thank you both for sharing your talents together.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read + comment on our work. So glad you liked our poem. And thanks for the welcome, Charlene , Keith.

  9. There is captivating and metaphorical beauty in this co-write. Well done Keith and Hifsa for this seamless collaboration. Regards // paul

  10. Thank you, Isha, for the following--

    Dear Karen:

    Such a poem of yearning. Oh, such yearning. Beautifully written in exquisite wordage. These two poets have collaborated so well and one hopes they will continue. A pleasure to read.

    Yours sincerely
    Isha Wagner

  11. Very lyrical and enjoyable! Welcome to Whispers!