Thursday, March 23, 2017

To touch a poem--By Angelee Deodhar--India

To touch a poem

A deodar        blue in the sun
its cones warm in my hands

beneath the hemlock’s
                 spreading shade
smooth mushrooms
the colour of rabbit fur

the pine’s spiky, musky green

to the song of a warbler
past a weathered branch
of rain softened beech

I walk on dew wet grass

and with these words    
touch a poem.

(Previously published in first Katha e book of poems, 2010, The song is, in 2015 and in GlOMAG 2016)

Dr. Ms Angelee Deodhar, an eye surgeon by profession as well as a haiku poet, translator, and artist lives and works in Chandigarh, India. Her haiku, haibun and haiga have been published internationally in various books and journals, and her work can be viewed online too. She has edited three anthologies Journeys , Journeys 2015 and Journeys 2017, her latest anthology of International Haibun has just been released on Amazon. It has a total of 133 haibun, the work of 29 poets of international repute.


  1. Thank you so much dear Karen,love and light,angelee

  2. Dear Angelee From India, your poem "to touch a poem' touched
    me. As you expressed humble desire to write. I believe you
    will not only touch, but write many poems, and Karen will
    aid you in your endeavor, from green and growing to a
    great writer. Good work.

    1. Dear Yancy hank you for your kind words of encouragement,with best wishes,angelee

    2. Your welcome angelee and thanks for your best wishes.

  3. Hi Angelee
    I had not heard of a deodar - it is always good to have a new word. Your poem reflects your sensitive observation of nature and it is well crafted. I smiled when you mentioned a mushroom - I have recently seen a squirrel eat one, he stands up, holds the mushroom with both paws - like a steering wheel - and nibbles all around the edges - it is fun to watch. Thank you

  4. Lovely Angelee, thank you for sharing this with us!

  5. Dear Angelee,
    Your poem reflects your signature: love and light.
    Thank you,

  6. At the end of winter here in the US Midwest, this poem is wonderfully evocative of spring. It takes one back to happier and simpler days, when one had time to notice the small and beautiful things, and makes one miss those days so much more. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Dear Angelee - What a beautiful sensitive poem with such vivid imagery...of colour, touch, sound and sight... enjoyed it tremendously!

  8. I love this song of beautiful natural images. Thanks for sharing your lovely talent here at Whispers. Best, Suzanne.