Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sea of Love--By Terry O’Leary--France

Sea of Love

White whispers shush the sheltered shore, as soon the cockcrows wake,
and seas defy the skittish sky, sense summer zephyrs quake -
the passions of the sunrise pulse, the whitecaps throb and ache.

Along the crags crawl shallow shades the shrouded sun effaces,
while rain in streams belies the dreams that fantasy embraces -
the ocean sprays of yesterdays reveal forgotten faces.

The midday sun has slowed its run, a shrinking puddle steams,
amongst the knells of shattered shells a wounded seagull screams -
affection blends and never ends, or so it sometimes seems. 

At dusk a ruddy fringe descends, the skyline's furnace burns
and neath the swells where Neptune dwells, an undercurrent churns.

As seven stranded seamen seek the dimple-dappled moon    
eleven sultry sirens serenade a lonely loon -
the breakers pound and sometimes sound a melancholy tune. 

While twilight hosts monsoons with ghosts of barbed electric spangles,
a mermaid braves the crashing waves adorned in starfish bangles -
the spirit yearns in twists and turns entwined in rockweed tangles.

The storms ignite the briny night and rip the skies askew
with zigzag teeth flashed deep beneath a blazing bolt tattoo -
the flood abides the ebbing tides when all begins anew.

Terry O’Leary defines himself as "A physicist lacking gravity..." 


  1. Dear Terry,
    Your use of "sh" and "s" sounds make this poem delightful to read. Thank you for a fun poem with a significant message.

  2. Terry, you show us ingenious techniques here, I'd like to read more of your style

  3. Lots of 'dark matter' herel Terry, for any Physicist, short on 'gravity' to marvel over! Looking forward to more, Ralph.

  4. Dear Terry Thanks for sharing "Sea of Love" I enjoyed all
    of the details of this unique poetry. I loved the terms
    dimple-dappled moon, sirens serenade a lonely loon and
    zigzag teeth. Very interesting reading.

  5. Great sibilance and playful music to your phrases, very Gerard Manley Hopkings-like. Well done!