Tuesday, March 21, 2017

With Love Besides--By Sheryl Splane--Canada

With Love Besides

Many days have dawned with clouds in the sky,
the sun veiled from view.
Yet, it still shines somewhere out there,
by FAITH, we know it's true.

The path of life we travel on
will often twist and turn.
Our faulty map leads us astray,
the right road we must learn.

The destination we had sought
brings hardship that's unplanned.
But when we reach beyond ourselves,
then HOPE lends us a hand.

Before us spreads a brand new road,
LOVE, our friend and guide,
when we had thought we were alone,
was always by our side.

By FAITH, the sun is shining,
then HOPE, shows us the way.
But best of all, with LOVE beside,
we go on rejoicing each day.

Sheryl Splane spent several years as a missionary in Senegal, Africa. She had to come home due to health problems, but part of her heart remains there... Sheryl now cares for the elderly, for whom she has a special love. Sheryl lives in Hanover, Ontario, Canada, near her parents. She and her dad both play several musical instruments. They go to senior residents in their area, entertaining the residents with music and gospel messages. 


  1. Dear Sheryl Splane of Canada. What a joy to read your poem,
    "With Love Besides", and all the things one can do with
    and by and through faith, the hope of almost anything.
    I enjoyed reading this a lot.

  2. Dear Sheryl, I needed to read your well written and inspirational poem this morning. I am so glad I came here first thing this morning. The vicissitudes of life have nearly driven me over the edge. Your words, along with scriptures remembered have lifted me today. Thank you!
    Love, Charlene

  3. Dear Sheryl,
    Thank you for writing a strong message within a well-crafted poem. I could't help but notice your excellent technique with the iambic foot and interesting line-length variation.

  4. Hello Sheryl
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational verse.
    Take care