Thursday, March 16, 2017

One Regret--By Elaine George--Canada

One Regret

Now walking through the autumn of my life
Where maple leaves have turned from green to gold
I watch them fall in breezes turning cold
In a whirl-wind of harmony and strife
And I ponder, on the fact that I might
In the light, as another day unfolds
Have like these dying autumn leaves, grown old
Slow, spiralling toward the pending night

Moss grows along the path where I now step
That rocky road now softened by the years
Seeing for the first time, so crystal clear
That I will leave this life with one regret
This vision, that these old eyes now behold
Those blazing flames, when autumn leaves let go.

Born in New Brunswick, Elaine George spent the early years of her life living in Lorneville (a small fishing village along the Bay of Funday) still inhabited by many of her family members.  Much of her writing is inspired by the memories of that place and those wonderful people.  She has published two volumes of poetry and is currently writing a novel entitled Out of the Darkness.  Many of her poems and short stories have appeared in magazines in both Canada and the United States. Currently she lives with her husband in Wainfleet, Ontario.


  1. Beautifully described Elaine, "One regret" is growing old.
    A very good writing that we all relate to when we get to
    that point in our life. Very well put and nicely done.

  2. Dear Elaine,
    Congratulations on a truly fine sonnet. Like the gentle turn this poem takes, "Seeing for the first time, so crystal clear" as it moves on to closure.
    Thank you!

  3. This is truly beautiful, Elaine...the type of delightful poetry we are accustomed to see flowing from your trusty pen! Best regards // paul