Friday, March 31, 2017

When desires end--By Dr. Upma A. Sharma--India

When desires end

An emptiness to my soul stings,
And treasured memories now haunt,
Heartache rhymes with mood swings,
As tears of grief constantly flaunt,
Tranquil in veins lays all my want.

Blooms of spring are now history,
Vibrant autumn blown by breeze,
Echoes and reflections end in mystery,
As the golden moments with time freeze,
Feelings of hurt can anyone squeeze?

Those rosy paints that glowed in grace,
Sprouts of depression could not defend,
And ate throbbing hues to minutest trace,
A final point where all desires end,
Till body and soul advent an eternal blend.

Passion for poetry can turn anyone crazy, Dr. Upma A. Sharma has proved this so well. She finds time from her busy schedule to satiate her appetite for words, words that rhyme with her heart. She feels that nothing in this world happens without a reason and so is poetry. This indeed is a purposeful expression of emotions and thoughts that are well oxygenated before putting them into circulation, and positive words certainly are a way to serenity. 


  1. Dear Dr. Upma A. Sharma of India. I have lived a long time,
    and experienced some of this type of thinking. Very good
    job in your expression. I liked the eternal blend end.

  2. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you for your message delivered via an enjoyable rhyme scheme.