Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Beyond the Midnight Blue--By Martha Magenta--England

Beyond the Midnight Blue 

I love to love you in the Spring,
When nesting birds take to wing. 
When sunlight glints on morning dew,
My heart sings melodies for you.

And when the sun drops behind the hills,
When all is dark and evening chills,
When the moon is high up in the sky,
Love gives me wings and lets me fly.

When cold winds blow the leaves in fall,
Amidst the winter’s bitter squall,
I run my fingers through your hair,
And sense the fragrance that you wear.

When the first crocus breaks the snow,
That's when my love for you will grow,             
The time for loneliness has passed, 
For now, the love spell has been cast.

When winter's winds no longer bite,
On fine and moonlit summer nights,
As we dream beyond the midnight blue,
I will love to love my dream come true.

Martha Magenta lives in England, UK. Her poetry, haiku, senryu and tanka have appeared in a number of journals and magazines. She collects her published work on a blog:              


  1. Dear Martha,
    Thank you for this touching poem.

  2. Excellent Dear Martha, wonderful words flowing all the
    way through, with great rhyme. Very fun reading.

  3. How very beautiful, Martha! This pulls at the strings of my heart, and I love the 'feel good' atmosphere that envelopes it! Regards // paul

  4. Martha, I enjoyed this very much. You have a very quiet tone here, but the word choice contains the romantic feelings.Masterful write!