Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Townsville Truth--By Yancy Lee Dalton

Townsville Truth

In Townsville, Australia in the year 1964
24 Elders, a branch president we did adore
Our mission president and quite a few more
Heard a heavenly choir, that is for sure

One flight down from the heavenly sound
At a new chapel in the town to be found
Sure enough heaven kept us all spell bound
Singing with such joy, love did us surround

If any of you think for you, God does not care
Or you do not even know He exists way up there
Think of those saints at that Townsville square
Who found He loves all men of all ages everywhere

And sends His Angels, more than a few
To aid mankind in all good things they do
Caring for mortals including me and you
Bringing from God more than a blessing or two

For a song "Bless this house" we all did hear
Heavenly Angels sang the notes so very clear
Bringing heaven to us without any fear
Showering blessings one flight down so dear

Yancy Lee Dalton is a published writer from Colorado.


  1. Dear Yancy Lee,
    This poem of faith about the power of music and faith, is itself a primer in writing a musical poem!
    Thank you,

    1. Thanks Michael, I was a very young man on a mission
      when I with a lot of others experienced this. It
      sure convinced me that their are angles that sing
      with Gods blessing and approval.

  2. Yancy -
    It's so easy to lose sight of faith in these hectic times. Thanks for your well-penned reminder here!
    - Gary

    1. Thanks Gary, When I wrote Townsville truth, I was
      only a common missionary. Little did I know I would
      be sharing it with so many. A truth from heaven, I'll
      always remember.

  3. Yancy,
    IO love the spirituality in this poem. Great job!
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

    1. Thanks so much David, God inspired me to write about
      this and I am full of joy, that through Whispers I get
      to share it with the world. A love to us from God.

  4. love this beauty with a lovely message